Modularity Test Day

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Basic Test

Username Profile Module List Module Install Switch a module stream Remove a module Enable and disable a module Update/upgrade a modular system Comments
Enter result Enter result Enter result Enter result Enter result Enter result
szydell Fedora KDE 29 -> System76 Oryx Pro (oryp4), i7-8750H, 32GB ram [1] [2] 1. Expected results, point 6: Using dnf module install <module>:<stream> should be enough to install every module. Using that command only enables module in given stream (tested on pki:10.6, mariadb:10.4 and perl:5.26). Packages are not installed. When tried to install adding /default, there are errors related to dependencies. It looks like those 3 modules are broken. When tried the same on mariadb:10.1, it worked OK.
2. Started with installed 'postgresql:11'. Removal: OK Reset: OK Installation of the 'postgresql:10': failed. It only enabled module, no packages were installed.
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